Improve Treatment Outcomes & Caregiver Ratings

SymptomTrack helps you determine appropriate medical interventions. Learn why you should be using Evidence Based Medicine with this White Paper.

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Measure It. Improve It.®

SymptomTrack is a HIPAA compliant cloud based solution that promotes caregiver efficiency and improved treatment outcomes with the power of Evidence Based Medicine.

  • Improve Treatment Outcomes

    Our solution helps you determine the appropriate medications and interventions that can optimize your treatment plans.

  • Provide Caregiver Ratings

    We help caregivers build a positive treatment rating with data from Evidence Based Treatment not Yelp reviews.

  • Stop Wasting Resources

    Start using our Evidence Based Treatment solution to help prevent wasting resources on costly and ineffective caregiving.

Who We Serve

Our solution is dedicated to improving patient treatment outcomes, improving caregiver credibility, and providing a rational stewardship of funding from insuring bodies.

  • Patients

    Securely monitor your treatment outcome from any size device accessible from any web browser.

  • Caregivers

    Document health record comprehensively. Learn the “evidence” resulting from the medical intervention.

  • Organizations

    Optimize caregiver performance by monitoring strengths and areas of improvements.

  • Insurers

    Improve treatment outcomes while containing costs. Identify and reward the more successful caregivers.

Solutions with introductory annual pricing per patient starting at $129.99. Support for Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance available.

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Learn why you should be using HIT

Health Information Technology (HIT) will affect treatment and accountability of services.

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Association Discounts

Are you a clinician wanting to integrate SymptomTrack into your treatment?

American Psychotherapy Association members qualify for a discount when purchasing through their Association member portal. Not a member yet?

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HIPAA Compliant

Data security in the cloud

Your data is stored in a 100% HIPAA compliant maximum-security data center. We take every precaution to ensure your personal information is protected.

ICD-10 & ICD-9 Coding

All medical coding will need to be ICD-10 by October 1, 2015 or services will no longer be reimbursed.

Our solution uses symptoms derived from the ICD-9 coding. We provide a limited number of related ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes at this time.

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Learn why you should be using HIT

Health Information Technology (HIT) is about the power of Evidence Based Treatment and helps your facility improve patient engagement, stay competitive and stay in the game.

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