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Setting the New Standard

Today’s healthcare information technology is driven by the need to reduce costs while improving treatment.

Enigami Systems, Inc. is a health information technology company located in Denver, Colorado. We deliver cloud-based Software as as Service (Saas) solutions that set the new standard for timely and accurate data collection. We’re a team with national and international recognition in various fields (IT, HIT, psychometrics, technical writing, clinical psychology, governmental operations, consumer advocacy, medical IT system conversions, finance, utilization management and review, quality assurance, case management, and business development, etc.).

Today’s healthcare information technology is driven by the need to reduce costs while managing and increasing highly effective treatment. Enigami embraces this “paradigm of success” by conveniently monitoring symptoms, using a variety of medium for contacting consumers, and providing access to consumers and caretakers via a web portal and cloud based services.

A number of years ago Enigami’s CEO realized the hidden potential of symptom monitoring (called the primary data capture) and how it could be used to create the first truly data based system for fiscal review, quality assessment, and provider ratings/rankings. Enigami realized the value of these systems and filed various intellectual property protections.

Our Advisory Board

Clifton D. Croan, CEO

Clifton D Croan, MA, LPC, DAPA, FAPA, BCPC, BCPTSD, DMAPA. Enigami’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, spent over three decades in the behavioral health field delivering and later directing, the management of successful medical interventions. Mr. Croan is currently involved in advocacy for effective, cost-productive treatment.

William Graf, Chief Advisor

William F. Graf, JD, is Vice President and Chief Advisor for Enigami Systems, Inc.  He is an attorney in metro Denver and is a member of the Colorado Bar Association.  Mr. Graf is active in church, community and charitable organizations, both near and far, having traveled on multiple occasions as a volunteer to Haiti, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.  He is very concerned with improving the quality of care to all patients.

Enigami’s products, our “intellectual property (IP)”, are unique and protected by various copyrights, patent applications, and other protections.

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