Service Plans

Introductory annual pricing per patient starting at $129.99

  • Basic

    • Multiple Medications
    • Multiple Symptoms
    • Outcomes Charting
    • Journaling
    • Notifications
    • Payment Options

  • Premium

    • All Basic Features
    • Medicaid Support
    • Medicare Support
    • Private Insurance Billable
    • Fiscal Review (UR/UM)
    • Q.A. Reports
    • Provider Ratings

  • Partner

    • All Basic Features
    • All Premium Features
    • Licensing of SymptomTrack I.P.
    • SymptomTrack Branding

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As a patient, SymptomTrack gives me the confidence that my medical records will be with me anywhere I need them. I feel safer because wherever I am, the physician will be able to make an evaluation based on all my information, even if I see them just once.

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