Privacy Policy

Enigami Systems, Inc. is a privately-held company.

We provide software solutions to businesses and their clients. Enigami Systems, Inc. may collect the following information on our web site: email addresses for an opt-in email list (see opt-out information below) Company name, person’s name, and phone number This information is collected only if the visitor wishes to enter the information. If the visitor wants to submit the form, some information is required. The information we collect on the web site may be shared with an associated organization. Any information which may be shared will be clearly identified as to what information will be shared and who will receive said information. Enigami Systems, Inc. exclusive owners of the aggregated de-identified data, does not sell or distribute (with exceptions noted above) this information to any third party without the express consent of the owner of the information.

Enigami Systems, Inc. does not use permanent cookies or place any information on a visitor’s PC hard drive. Enigami Systems, Inc. may use session cookies to manage a visitor’s experience. Session cookies exist for a specific time frame (60 minutes) or until the browser session is terminated (browser window is closed).

Enigami Systems, Inc. analyzes web statistics from web logs to draw conclusions about our traffic patterns and visitor interests. These web logs are kept on the servers located at our web host. This data is used for analysis purposes and no visitor-specific data is collected. Information viewed is only the information provided by the web log analysis.

Enigami Systems, Inc. sends periodic emails to our mailing list to provide information about our company and offerings. A recipient of an email from Enigami Systems, Inc. may opt-out at any time or change his/her preferences for types/frequency of emails. Enigami Systems, Inc. views statistics regarding the open rate, bounces, subscription changes and opt-outs. This information is used for statistical analysis of the effectiveness of our campaigns. Similarly, we use tracking in our offline marketing efforts, like promotion codes, and surveys to determine our marketing effectiveness. Enigami Systems, Inc. uses this information to enhance our services to our customers and prospects.

When a member of a mailing list receives an email, there is an option to opt-out (discontinue) their membership in the list. Opt-out names are processed within 7 days of receipt.